Submitted by 0siris in axolotl

Can a friend go in and act sus so he draws attention away, just give me a lay down. I want to grab. Switch and phones if possible. Give a general guide for best buy too please



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JesusNachos wrote

Your only chance is to have your friend open a fire exit while you are nearby, once he's out and the door is wide open - fucking run.

The front door for a console just isn't going to happen. A lot of Best Buy stores have been hiring off-duty cops, so good luck.


Hardlyworking3 wrote

Best buy accused me of lifting two days ago asked me to empty my pocket. I hadn't taken anything so I am going to report it to corp.

Thought they didn't approach till outside of the store?

Anyway threw a huge fit and got really loud and offended. Hah.


Boostinyall wrote

Should've recorded the whole interaction with your phone. In these days of people on anti-social media just waiting to pounce on corporations for being anti anything, and corporations being so fearful of back lash I am waiting for the day I can catch some shit on video and leverage it into some cash. Easier to do now then it ever has been in all of human history. Gotta take advantage of their own tools and use them against them.