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PatchU wrote

Interesting question. Thanks for asking. I was wondering about this last night. I bought a printer and the ink is insanely expensive. They're always in cases.

Thanks to the person below for answering. So... wear a hat and stick it under that to go above the towers? 👍


Thatoneguy12 wrote

You can buy the key to unlock them online but yes if you break the case open it will set off the door alarm. But you can also just raise the case just above the Alarms and it won't go off


[deleted] wrote


DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

I imagine that could set it off still but regardless of that they tend to be made of really tough ass plastic. using a knife would likely A: get you caught because it would be loud as fuck and would take a very long time and a lot of struggle to cut a hole into...

and B: you'd probably end up cutting yourself in the process or something.

the s3 keys are more worth it in my opionion so long as you never get caught with em.