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PatchU wrote

Yep. Underwear and socks. 😁


Nikki_Fin_D wrote

Vitamins. I have an autoimmune disorder and they help. But SO expensive. I have a huge stash just in case. Also makeup. So much makeup.


DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

pens/pencils, random bic lighters, i usually end up with at least a week's worth of redbulls at once if im hitting dg, tons of socks, tons of underwear, facemasks and hairdye?


eternity wrote

Vinyl records and Yo-kai-watch coins lol

And I used to lift a lot of pokémon cards, but they noticed all pokémon cards got stolen so now they're only available at the cash desk :(


TurmericLiftersnatch wrote

Socks for sure. Perfumes and body butters. And a bazillion Disney trader pins.