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DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

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i mean one could always hold the rfid well above the towers, keeping the towers from going off, but that would also look rather suspicious to hold merchandise out in full view i guess. "wink"? theres also the method of lining one's purse with four layers of aluminum, however if you're caught with this (what is known as a "booster bag") your charge automatically goes up to felony. A criminal would be well off to cover their bases. A beeping tower is among the fastest ways to get caught. Not bothering to take proper precaution is thinking like a cop's next paycheck.

Talking out of your own ass on a forum without actually posting any alternative helpful or critical information for the sake of looking clever is talking like a politician.

Discussing other ways AROUND that specific problem without having to remove tags is thinking outside the box, but i haven't exactly seen you make any suggestions.


Hardlyworking3 wrote

Sorry never have I been stopped for towers

Speaking of talking out of your ass where did you get the idea that security towers are a cops next paycheck?