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iscamuscamweallscam wrote

they have those cards at wags and michaels much easier there than Walmart kudos kept walking bad ass>>.. that's the hardest part is to no turn around and look ...your gonna be a pro in no time. if you get caught don't say shit don't be scared and don't let them punk you just say I want my parents call a fake one if you can and be polite not rude...especially with the cops gets you no where fast..fake sadness cry if you have to but don't let them bs you worst can happen is a ticket and community service. Your record will be sealed at 18 ( I know I l earned how when I was a teen caught several times as a teen) so get your game good now ...once your 18 it is worse to be caught. Try and have a fake parent lined up to get you out of trouble if you get caught I was on the streets so young I had my best friends mom she came and got me when I ended up in jail, for lifting fighting whatever else I did.


Hardlyworking3 wrote (edited )

Right! Walking thru the beeping towers is bad ass. Next you'll graduate to telling lp... No thanks to going with him to the "back office" .. and eventually graduate to not being stopped period.

Progress not perfection.

I see good profitable things in your future.


jert_the_gnarwhal wrote

Congrats. Sounds like you did great for someone as new to the game as you. As far as tips...

I saw someone else mention this: If you're able always stop at a fitting room or restroom after you lift and before you leave the store. Like go inside the bathroom, enter a stall, count 30 seconds and flush, then exit the fuck out of there. This is to break the 100% eyes on rule of the 5 steps and a lot of LP wont be able to make the stop per company policy.

Another tip I'll throw out there is personally I don't like to head straight for my target merchandise right off the rip. I prefer to take about 10 minutes of doing absolutely nothing that's suspect just in case LP decided to watch me when I walked in... that way, hopefully, he's decided I'm not a risk and moves on to another potential lifter if he was watching me. The exception is if I can get in and out extremely quickly. Example, sometimes I'll do a lift at a drug store for some chocolates that my girl like's. In that case I walk in and head straight for the candy isle. I remove my coat and throw it over my dominant harm while on the way to that isle. Grab the goods, conceal under my coat, make sure it's secure and can't be seen and I'm on my way b back out of the store. In and out in about 1 minutes time.

In my state, concealing is the same as shoplifting as far as the law in concerned. So I would suggest concealing as close to the exit as possible.

Put as many precautions between you and your enemy as possible.


DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

^^^ seconded on the "don't allow anyone to take you to a private room if caught" actually. there have been more than enough reports of physical and sexual assaults it's disgusting.

as for advice- I wouldn't exactly advise you to take yugioh cards from the front of the store/near the registers, all the way to the BACK of the store just to conceal them. or at least, I would suggest grabbing a cart and a few other items on the way back there just to look a little less sus (you could literally ditch the cart in the middle of an isle they wont bat an eye really). as for detagging the boxes, you definitely SHOULD but never just remove the boxes either then you're leaving evidence.

in the future I would suggest THOROUGHLY CHECKING EVERY SINGLE THING YOU HAVE for tags before leaving. inside AND outside of packaging if possible. after concealing for example you could've headed to a bathroom or used a fitting room for purposes of detagging (js don't use bathrooms for concealing). Otherwise you actually did really good. I've watched some people be dumb as absolute fuck in front of me trying to steal before- it's also especially impressive that you left when you did and knew to just keep walking.


Hardlyworking3 wrote

Well..not necessarily. Being super anxious about tags can get you caught but depends on exact scenario


DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

never said anything about being "super anxious about tags"- but every tag needs be removed before leaving the store. You want to be invisible as possible from start to finish in most cases.


Hardlyworking3 wrote

Really? I question every assumption. Not thinking outside the box or saying "needs" or "has to" is thinking like a law abiding citizen. wink


DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

i mean one could always hold the rfid well above the towers, keeping the towers from going off, but that would also look rather suspicious to hold merchandise out in full view i guess. "wink"? theres also the method of lining one's purse with four layers of aluminum, however if you're caught with this (what is known as a "booster bag") your charge automatically goes up to felony. A criminal would be well off to cover their bases. A beeping tower is among the fastest ways to get caught. Not bothering to take proper precaution is thinking like a cop's next paycheck.

Talking out of your own ass on a forum without actually posting any alternative helpful or critical information for the sake of looking clever is talking like a politician.

Discussing other ways AROUND that specific problem without having to remove tags is thinking outside the box, but i haven't exactly seen you make any suggestions.


Hardlyworking3 wrote

Sorry never have I been stopped for towers

Speaking of talking out of your ass where did you get the idea that security towers are a cops next paycheck?


Hardlyworking3 wrote

I have to say.. great job when the sensors went off not bad.. you could work on your enter / conceal strategy. But a lift accomplished without being caught is a win!!


PatchU wrote

Great job waiting to exit the store when others are leaving at the same time with a trolley load.

I actually use that technique when I do a walk-out with a trolley load.

I always suss out the door greeter. See how diligent they are with checking receipts. I won't do walk-outs if the greeter looks older than me.

If the greeter is younger than me then I pull out an old receipt and flash it upon my exit.

I tend to give off the body language of... "I'm cranky, dont even think of getting close to me".

I also find an hour before closing time has younger staff that don't give a hoot.

Also, depending on the store you are in... another idea is to buy a large port / luggage (whatever you call it in the country you live in). Fill that bugger up of anything you want.

Depending on the store layout and whether they have weight scales will determine your next move.

You can fill the crap outta that bag with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. But the bag/port/luggage back... grab an identical bag... pay for it. Then go back into the store with your receipt (pretend you forgot something of yours I.E. your water bottle). Then switch the bag with the one you fully loaded and walk back out.

And if you are feeling particularly gutsy... put your loaded bag in your car (altho U probably dont have one being 16)... if it's a busy store and unlikely to recognize you again (or U can wait for a change of staff)... go fill another bag full and show your receipt again on the walk out. Make a little small talk about how you are moving to blah blah if need be.

Just make sure to remove tags, take shite out of boxes and shove the empty boxes at the back of shelves. That way it could take them days or weeks before they find the empty box.

And for items with heavy plastic, carry a small pair of scissors to cut thru any tags that are INSIDE.

Also, always assume every darn thing is tagged! CHECK, double CHECK and CHECK again!

Good luck! 😊