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DirtyCommieBastardCam wrote

I don't like the idea of telling anyone that stealing might not be for them just because theyre nervous the first time- although it is a rather valid point that being too nervous will get you caught. My suggestion would be to do a "test run" in a dollar general first if you're THAT nervous. walk in with cash. bring a drink of some sort/ something they don't carry preferably. when walking around the store take a few drinks here and there. throw your head back as you do so. use this angle to your advantage to get a look at the cameras on the ceiling. take note of the layout and what the clerks are doing. notice how calm the store is and that no one rlly gives a shit what youre doing... then buy something and leave. I did that to scope out a bunch of stores before I started lifting and after doing so my nerves nearly calmed themselves.