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Not much to it but I had my first big item snag last night. Went to [email protected] with my friend (if you’re reading this, go to sleep, smelly) at like 11 at night. Went in with a Walmart bag and an s3 key, went to the electronics department and I was shocked but there was literally nobody there. Some employees stocking around the store but nobody paid me any attention. I took a PlayStation VR and found a blind spot. Couldn’t figure out how to get the s3 key to work, maybe I got the wrong one, but I crushed the corner of the box and wiggled the spider wrap off. Just walked right out the front door. Nobody even close to me when I left. I was ready to run when the towers went off, but they never did so I just kept strolling to my car. My buddy got a hair trimmer and a blow drier. About $350 between the two of us. Kinda disappointed because I didn’t feel a rush, that’s how uneventful it was. Better than the alternative I guess. Plus I have a PSVR that I didn’t have before.



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HamSandwich333 wrote

I live in a different time zone where it isn't late at night.