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So when i first ordered my hook detacher i though it would be like a "magic key" that would open the hook tags in seconds. However, that does not seem to be the case for me. I got my detacher about 2 weeks ago and i have tried it at several different stores. I found myself wrestling and twisting the detacher inside the tags trying to get the tags open. Most of the time i see plastic shavings falling out from the inside of the tag while i try to get them off. Am i doing something wrong? Is my detacher bad?

I sometimes cannot get the tags off at all. In fact, i can take a tag off in less than a minute using rubber bands which is usually faster than using the detacher.

If anyone has any tips for using the hook detacher it would be much appreciated.



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SwiperNoSwiping209 wrote

It should pop off fairly easy with a hook detatcher. Yours sounds like it might be defective. Post a pic of it?


beechtree wrote

I got one from wish too and it really sucks because it's tiny af. Try AliExpress