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i_am_in3vitabl3 wrote

I know how you can do it. I've never been caught doing this either. Wear a like, clothing store cloth bag around your neck, and make sure it's facing the way you can see it, aka, your stomach. After that, wear a T-shirt over it, and then I recommend you put a black hoodie over it so people can't see the bag and/or the cards when you put them in there. After that, go to the pokemon isle and make sure it's only the plastic packaging on the cards when you steal them, and then slide them in your bag. You gotta make sure that you aren't being watched and that the cards dont bulge out of the hoodie. After that, the security won't go off, due to the fact that the security sensors only detect a type of metal when walked through. The barcode has nothing to do with the security, due to the fact that you have to be right up close to it and nothing surrounding it in order for them to be scanned. You're welcome. Haha.