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haystacks_ wrote

I got caught at Dollar Tree one time trying to lift some groceries. Store was empty. No employees, no customers. Just me. I just straight walked out with food ... as the employees and manager were rounding the corner outside coming in from a smoke break.

"HEY! What are you doing?" the manager barked.

"Walking to my car."

"You gonna pay for that?"

"Is someone gonna cash me out, or will I have to wait in an unattended store for a while longer? Because I gotta make dinner."

She gave me such a stink eye the whole time, and I did end up paying for the goods, but it taught me to just throw shade right back at them. At least that time I wasn't wrong.

Follow up, one of my friends ended up working at that same location a few months later and would help me and my girl walk out with shit.