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Some people on here were saying Ink tags don't beep when you walkout with them but the Dick's near me (in United States) started using ones that beep. One side of the tag is the normal beep tag that requires a hook detacher to remove (not sure what its called). The other side of the tag has two glass tubes that are filled with ink.

I ordered a hook detacher but it didn't come in yet so I went in with rubber bands thinking they were just normal tags and not ink ones.

I took adidas joggers and some other items into the changing room planning to only take the joggers. I tried to use the rubber bands but accidentally broke the ink cartridge. After the ink was broken it gave me enough room to just bend the metal piece back and fourth until it broke. I got out with the joggers but they had a pretty significant blue ink stain on the white stripes on the side.

Tried letting it soak in stain remover and I tried scrubbing it out but nothing worked. I eventually found something online that said to use hand sanitizer. Worked like magic. The white is perfectly white now. Not even tinted blue. So if anyone is trying to remove an ink stain I recommend hand sanitizer.

TLDR Use hand sanitizer



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harcopping wrote

Do you mind explaining what you do with the rubber bands?


Stop_and_Shoplift OP wrote

I pretty much did what is shown in this video except I used 6 sort of thick rubber bands. The video makes it look easier than it is (or maybe I'm just bad). What I usually do is I rotate the big part of the tag while wrapping the rubber bands around. You'll hear a clicking noise when it starts to come apart. I recommend trying it with something thick first like jeans or a sweatshirt. I stretched out a couple shirts before I got the hang of it.


Asbeshy wrote

This actually works really well using a condom instead of a rubber band. They tend to be able to stretch more and are quite thick if you don't unroll them