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Asbeshy wrote

I know all Oral B branded electric tooth brushes and replacement heads are source tagged inside the plastic hidden at the front bottom.


magpie_0 wrote (edited )

I would recommend Panasonic way over Oral-B any day, though their source tagged. Simply bring a coat with an inner pocket, & a small knife to remove plastic seals easily. Unbox the item, & just put it in your inner coat pocket. You'll only need the physical toothbrush & the charger. BB&B, like stated before, is a great place to go for them, I often go shoplifting in Canada as I live in New York & they have a store called "Shoppers Drug Mart" which is super common & super easy.

Pro-Tip: Whenever unsure of source-tagging, check unboxing videos on YouTube & look for the tags, or buy it with cash find the tags & return it later.


liftz wrote

I watch unboxing videos for this exact reason, haha.


ACAT wrote

What's the equivalence of Shopper Drug's Mart down in US? They usually have that shit in the front. I'd do it the primitive way, wrap that shit carefully in aluminum foil