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Asbeshy wrote

Lots of questions, but here we go.

1- I would arguably try to stay away from malls unless you are experienced. They not only have store specific LP, but also mall security. If you get banned from one store you will most likely get banned from the entire mall.

2- They will either tell you that the ban is like a year, or life. Just wait several months and they'll probably forget your face.

3- Is this as a couple to lift? Or a couple after the ban? If it's to lift, then sure. If it's after the ban, make sure they know that you've been banned for lifting or that could make some real shitty situations.

4- I answered this on a previous comment of yours.

5- Can't help you here, not from the US.


[deleted] wrote


Asbeshy wrote

If you've been chased I'd steer clear for at least 6 months