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Kiidlocs OP wrote

Well, let’s say the electronics are small like some headphones or something. And will LP catch on if I grab a cart and literally start shopping around the electronics? Then I take it to the appliance section, find the blind spot, Carry on. I got a gag gift for Christmas once which was a blender, and when I opened it there was a lot of empty space so I’m sure I wouldn’t have to do much opening and taking things out. Of course, I can always scout out which appliance a few days before or have someone else do it. Would these changes be better? Smaller electronics, knowing what appliance to use, and how would you recommend getting electronics without alerting LP?


CatskillMan wrote

This was exactly my method when I first started. I did it about three or four times. On the last time, I was all set to check out when a relative called me to assist him in his broken down car. I left everything in the store and walked out empty handed, local police was waiting for me. Searched me and had to let me go due to not having any merchandise. I don't recommend this at all. Not worth the risk.