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liftz wrote

A lot of people use seamrippers, the hole that it makes is super small so you can either repair it or honestly just ignore it depending on where it is. If it's a gator tag (check the wiki) people either use rubber bands or pliers.


dazai wrote

You could try this method:

I've tested it on a white sensormatic tag and it didnt work unfortunately :( The only way I managed to remove the tag was by burning it, which took a while and was pretty gross (not 2 mention risky!!). Also had to twist the fabric away from the tag to prevent it from burning, which pulled the fibres a bit. No holes, but I wouldn't do it in future


Momma_bear wrote

I am fairly new to shoplifting. I just bought a 12000gs bullet magnet to take off tags. Do all tags come off with magnets? I am going to a big city next week and I want to get expensive purses (Michael Kors, coach, etc), rock revival Jean's from the buckle, just stuff to sell so I will actually have money. Can anyone give me the run down on which tags can be removed with magnets? Or is there an easier way to remove them? I just lifted a pair of $100 boots today! Walked in with shitty shoes I didnt want, walked out in them! (Sorry theifhuncho for stealing your post for a few, i cant create one yet because i just signed up for this sight a few minutes ago)


Asbeshy wrote

Rubber bands are good for most clothing tags, just wrap it around the pin enough times to create the pressure required to remove the tag


Nerdtopia wrote

Don't waste your time, time is valuable. Go buy the right tools if you want to lift.