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HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

Dunno and don't care usually wear a disguise like a cap or glasses or even put on fake face tattoos if you're paranoid about going back to the same place I usually wait a week just in case they found out and are on lookout for me. No face no case And to take bigger items if you slice a barcode off of sumn pretend to tie your shoe chuck it in your sock buy a rubber for like 10 cents and walk out if the beepers go off dont look back just keep walking and you'll prolly need to make a booster bag to shoplift there but if they dont go off grab yoself a mufuccin shopping trolley and walk out with anything you want no matter how big or small I do it like every week at a new store that opened near me for like 6 weeks now every week I get more paranoid to go there