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HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote (edited )

Everyone I know besides my mate oscar and my dog I see as npcs of a video game and people like my parents I see as just people who gave birth to me and my friends are people that haven't attacked me yet I dont know if I'm a psychopath cus I dont really feel empathy for anyone I think if I killed someone I'd fall asleep like a baby after and I know my friend is prolly an npc too but he's different the only time I'm nice to people is if I'm using them is if it's a girl and I just wanna bust a nut or to avoid social situations say someone talks shit to me in a crowded place I'd just bump it off cus I'm too anxious and I FUCKING HATE ANXIETY and I got addicted to snorting valium lines but I was losing all my money so I stopped and did bottle runs because I would smoke weed but I dont like to in public because it makes me feel like everyone thinks I'm a junkie and they all know I'm high and the cops are gonna come and search my phone and find out everything I've done andndnjdhfjd ksjsmsjckend


MCJLB4PM wrote

You don’t sound like a psychopath, psychopaths don’t get anxiety