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kittybecca wrote

Chances are they know you've been stealing them, so just stopping would be the best thing to do. They write things like this off as a loss. It's possible for them to put them behind the counter; they sometimes do this when the inhalers are being regularly stolen. But admitting guilt is just asking for trouble. And I hope you get and stay clean; that stuff is really bad for your heart. Let me know if you need support.

Source: been there


somedeepshit wrote

Confessing will only get the employs in trouble, for either not spotting you, or for looking the other way. Plus you might trigger the store managers to upgrade their security.

As people suggested: stop lifting from them.

If you really feel bad about it, you can make a donation to some "rightful" cause.

That's what I did when I "accidentally" got my hands on some money (40 dollars or something. Hadn't realise the machine was set up for stealing from the customers. Of course I wouldn't give them to the boss. Or inform the police. No way to find the customers. And I wouldn't want to incriminate myself! ). Just gave them to Doctors Without Borders.


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

Dont give a fuck about anyone you dont know it's a skill I've learned over the years I could curb stomp a baby and not give two fucks the next day but if it was one of my ride or dies or my close family that's the only people I respect I stole the priests phone at my step grandads wedding a week ago I dont fuckng care bro the system brainwashed you into thinking being a criminal is sad and a waste of a life but it's all just mind games brooooo