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Khaman121 wrote

You have to watch out for shit like that. Some people think they are doing a good deed and will go to lengths beyond what the LP can do because they are not bound by company rules. I have seen videos of "Citizen Crusaders" that go to Wal-marts to stop theft because they feel that theft unfairly impacts them with higher prices. They will follow you, call you out, get your licence, follow you in their car, physically detain you and the list goes on. In most states this is allowed under citizen's arrest statutes and if you are committing a crime and retaliate your charge goes from theft/burglary to robbery because you injured/harmed/menaced/threatened someone during the commission of the crime. So from a misdemeanor to a felony.


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

Most I gotten was yelled at and trust me no 7 foot tall steroid using Olympic gold medalist is gonna spear tackle you out of no where after u just got caught stealing david jones clothes and you ran but I usually carry a knife and I've seen grown ass men shit themselves at knife point so if anyone tries anything slash to the face then the blood goes in their eyes like a mili second later