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Pop wrote (edited )

I want things and there is no ethical consumption under capitalism

solution: theft


ThisIsLogicCalling wrote

So trading with other people in a mutually beneficial contract is not ethical?


Pop wrote

Not if the items traded are parts of national and international networks of exploitation of the poor and otherwise marginalised

You can't look at capitalism as merely an interaction between two apparently free and equal individuals; there's a broader context of the production of those items and the tendency of wealth to beget more wealth and to create more inequality under capitalism

For as long as the world runs under a profit motive, there will always be incentive to exploit people, there will always be incentive to invent groups to dehumanise so that they may be exploited more


Rage wrote

I want things, however I have no $. That's it.


fuckworldtrade wrote

Its not like anything we steal costs money though. You simply apply the five finger discount and the price disappears.


wanab3 wrote

Do you even lift comrade!?

Also, why not?


monte_png wrote

because it is easy, because i don't want to pay almost 1000 dollars every month in omnibus (giant comic books) and i like to read


Lifted_Hickory wrote

To save money. I can afford everything I lift. I just like having all the nice stuff I have knowing I didn't pay for it. I also gift some of it.

Occasionally I boost to pad out my retirement account more.


Spudnuts wrote

Homeless, and need to eat!


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

I do it for fun with my friend every weekend cus why not it's fun and you get free stuff


arduinna wrote

I want things, don't have money, and don't really want money anyway. Thus, I take things.