Submitted by 12345ChicaChica in axolotl

I was looking for people thoughts on me going to a Target in my non local area and walking out with a spider wrapped router. The Google WiFi router. Is that a bad idea. Can they trace that back to me?



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Just4Fun5 wrote

Target is easy if you’re sneaky, but a walkout is impossible. Too many staff members by the door. Will not hesitate to stop you.


Shoplyfter wrote

STAY AWAY FROM TARGET. From what posts I’ve read it seems like they have god tier LP :o


swankyrobber wrote

go to the target and case it cause mine is super easy to do(i think) actually today i did a walkout with over $500 of stuff


Ciego wrote

Yes. IP addresses can and will be tracked on stolen electronics.


HazelDaKleptoFiend wrote

Dont know what country yous in but here I can steal shit from target all the time and the LPO is a fcuking pre pubescent boy


slightlyseasoned wrote

Target is known for being really hard, try Walmart and I don’t think they’ll be able to track the router, but you should invest in an s3 key