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When you buy expensive electronics from Walmart, you'll have to have an associate unlock the shelf and they will have you pay for it immediately in the electronics section.

The other day, I bought a Charge 3 speaker, in cash, so there is no card or bank account (identity) attached to the purchase. I replaced the items inside with an old junked speaker I was trying to replace. Did all of this while making sure the tape seal was in perfect conditiono

Went to a different Walmart, tried to return it, the associate grabbed a knife and opened the box despite it looking perfectly new. I'm sweating balls at this point, and they pull out the junked speaker. I act completely dumbfounded like "wow I really dodged a bullet there huh?" The associate was not impressed, and gave me back the box and told me to go return it at the store I bought it from.

So I drive across town to the Walmart I bought this at, went to the returns and told them a huge story about how this was a gift for my niece and she opened this piece of shit during her birthday party, how it was incredibly embarrassing for me and how inconvenient it was to have to leave her party to return this item. They call in two managers, they're checking their shipment info and are completely confused as to how this could have happened. After 25 minutes of internal screaming, but staying absolutely calm and collected, they finally gave me back a cash refund and apologized to me.

So basically, I got a free JBL Charge 3.

I'm putting out the details of this so anybody else trying return fraud at Walmart knows what they're up against. Also, I'm sort of glad that they opened the box and found the shitty speaker, because I can't morally allow myself to fuck over the next honest guy just trying to buy a speaker and getting a piece of shit instead. So now, I don't feel any sort of guilt about this, the only victim here was Walmart. Fuck Walmart.



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thedestroyed wrote

eh, there are bigger fish to fry. I think you are good!


Fuck_The_Police wrote

I got a new job where I can bring a speaker, but I had sold my two flip 3's months ago. I bought a used Sony on Facebook marketplace but wasn't super impressed with it. The next day I'm at Wally World and what do I spy in the clearance rack up front but a Charge 4 with no theft protection of any kind! It's not black like I wanted, but I saved about $150 on it, so I'll make that compromise.