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prominent lifter, been lifting for years and never came to a problem. yesterday got caught at a chain store, had to return the item and get my picture taken. they didn't take my name down or any other information, literally just took my picture and told me to leave.

store worker said pic would go into database, banned from stores, next time going in is gonna be trespassing

honestly though, they didn't get any information aside from a picture. i'm gonna assume this will all fizzle out in a few months, or the fact that it's a mall store the workers won't even be the same people in a few months. everything will be fine.

but there's the off chance that it won't be, and i'm actually banned from the place for real lmao, so what's up with that. what do you guys think



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Cmbtmstr wrote

That is very strage! Would you mind sharing what store?