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Just joined this forum. I see that a lot of people are saying that there is AI at self-checkouts, people trained at the self checkouts, etc, that it is high risk, low reward. Just wanted to say this hasn't been my experience and maybe get some feedback on that.

For x years, I've been restickering 5-6 items once a week while doing a regular grocery shop. At first, I reused barcodes from cheap items, but then I learned that UPCs can be created so I've been printing off my own stickers. Haven't had any trouble so far.

Am I delusional that I'm good at this or is my particular store just behind on completely becoming big fucking brother?



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tuesday wrote

Last week I was going to buy something at Walmart but it didn't have a sticker at all. I swiped it, it didn't ding, so I looked at the box and put it on top of the register because I didn't care enough to get another with a UPC and the register froze until I gave the item to the cashier and she badged the error away. The video display replayed me swiping an item and then putting it to the side so there's some kind of AI there.


mysecretaccoungt wrote

I’d say depends on your store because some places truly don’t give a damn. I used to run self check where I worked for years and when people would lift I turned a blind eye to it. That being said, after a few good years of lifts from various Walmart I was apprehended by someone who claimed to be AP/LP, don’t remember which. This was about a month ago and I haven’t been into any Walmart since because that experience really shook me.

TL;DR version: even if you haven’t been caught yet, there is a chance they might be building a case against you. Be safe.


Snotboogy wrote

Youre not good, youre just hitting a store with no LP and old AI on self checkout. Theres a target i go to in a nice well to do area and I prob only scan $30 out of $300 and have been hitting them for years at least twice a month


funbrandi wrote

This was my go to method. I would take a barcode off a cheap item that I knew was approved at Walmart and make pages of them on sticker paper. Did that at Lowe's and home Depot minimally but definitely Walmart due to the fact they don't weigh the products. A few months ago lady came from around the corner and caught it on a very low theft item. She knew exactly what I did and I don't know if they were watching for me or if the machine caught it but they knew I had a bad barcode on it. I played dumb but luckily had the money to pay for it. Haven't tried it since but I sure miss it!