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GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

You can't buy one online. The websites that promise to ship you one after they've collected credit card payment from you all have one thing in common. They post no physical address on the website and no way to contact them other than through email if you don't receive the product they promise you. But oh yes, they all have a credit card payment system.

If you want to throw your money into a black hole and hope they'll respond to your email enquiries when you don't get the product, by all means brother: suit yourself.


fucktheusa wrote

I would look on the darkweb. There are people who offer such services, although I've never tried it, myself, and I can't vouch for their legitimacy. Look for an established seller with good reviews, as always.

GoodOldWorkingClass is 100% correct about the sellers on the clearnet. Those are scams with little to no exception, and it's also extremely dumb to link your credit card information and mailing address to a company offering to help you commit a federal crime. For all you know, you're buying straight from the FBI.