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Do the ink tags on shirts at Hot Topic spray ink onto the shirts if you walk out the door with them, or do they only do that if you attempt to remove the tag? One of my local stores doesn't appear to have any detectors by the door, and it's right next to the door of the mall, so I feel like I could even deal with the beeping if this is all that happens.

I have magnets, of course, but carrying them around is a hassle, not to mention a felony charge if caught with them while lifting.

Is it normal for malls in low-crime areas to constantly be swarming with pigs? I don't remember seeing a single cop several years ago, I but I went to case the same mall recently, and they were everywhere.



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JustinJohnson wrote

I'm pretty sure that ink tags generally only go off if you attempt to remove them. The detectors only make a noise.


theremedyman wrote (edited )

Always come back to the scene later to retrieve a magnet that you've well hidden in the store. If you never have one when you get close to the door where it becomes a crime Then you can use them at will and never take a risk. And those clothing tags are a cake walk with a meth torch and needle nose pliars