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Hi y'all, just wanna get your opinions on this. I shoplift all the time, but I never had from Target before because I love shopping there and I didn't want to shit where I eat, also I just don't know how safe it is. Well yesterday I wanted a dress that was $40 but I thought that's kinda steep, so I grabbed a tag from a clearance item and just literally held it over the actual tag and scanned it at the self-checkout. Walked out having paid $4. I was super quick and casual about it, and I don't think anyone saw me. Then I did some research and it turns out the asset protection at Target is super advanced so apparently it's the worst place to steal from. Is that true? Do you think they've like, opened a file on me now? Can I go there again?



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fucktheusa wrote

Go ahead. They aren't going to put any effort into catching you if you stole a small amount one time, but there's a good chance they noticed, and they'll probably watch you.

GoodOldWorkingClass jokes about them sending a report to the FBI for help, but it's more the other way around. Target has crime labs so advanced that they lease them out to the FBI, from what I've heard.

But the truth of the matter is that Target isn't any more difficult for the small-time or casual shoplifter than any other hands-on store. If you try to steal a piece of cheese, they may approach you and try to get you into handcuffs if you resist, but if you act violent enough, they will disengage and call the police, which also leaves the possibility open for a robbery charge, depending on what you did.

Now, they do enter every incident into a database, and if you create a pattern, even if you're driving all over the country stealing the same things (or if you're just a repeat shoplifter at your local store), they'll figure it out and sic the investigators on you. They'll even start taking fingerprints, using facial recognition with stuff they scanned from Facebook, etc. They can do far more than your local cops are capable of. But the big boys with access to that are after the guys who grab $500 worth of Blu-Rays every other day and book it for the exit. Those people don't care that you stole a dress.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

In all due respect, Tar,get's LP reputation is exaggerated. I've heard it from many posters that Tar,get's central crime lab is so advanced that they lease it out to the FBI, but I strongly believe that's NOT true. Just think about that statement for a little bit and you'll see why: there is no way in hell Target's investigative technology matches that of the FBI, the most advanced law enforcement agency in the world. Please don't tell me that you really believe Tar,get's financial resources measure up to those of the US Government.

I do agree with you that for the occasional "small stuff" lifter Tar,get's no harder than any other retailer; reason being, they only have so much LP staff, which has to focus on the higher value lifts and the expensive merchandise.


fucktheusa wrote (edited )

Please don't put words in my mouth.

Do I think that Target has DNA sequencing technology, ballistic forensics, and Pegasus-level spyware? No.

Do I believe that Target is able to afford decent cameras and machine learning algorithms, has the ability take fingerprints, and anally enter every incident into a database to search for patterns? Yes. They go much farther than any other major retailer (although I'd imagine that places like Home Depot are putting more into it these days than they were). I could see law enforcement using their stuff for low-level investigations. If you Google it (first result), they're using it for more than that:

I don't think that they're easier than other retailers in general, because most retailers will just let you walk out with their stuff. I wouldn't do a walkout at Target. If you steal from Target, you have to be more careful not to create patterns, and you should conceal, but it's not like it's impossible, either.


Tecate_Coyote wrote

Don't do it again, especially since it sounds like you've already used your cards there. You should be fine though. If they did notice they'll just watch you like a hawk the next time you come in but it's doubtful that they did


FireSalamander OP wrote

Thank you, that makes me feel better. Yup, I've used my cards there and I go there several times a week so they probably know me. I'll definitely never do it again, it was stupid af tbh.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Do you think they've like, opened a file on me now?

Oh absolutely, the file automatically gets sent to the local FBI office, which then forms a task force for a country-wide manhunt for the offender.

Kidding aside, why is it you feel bad for lifting from Tar,get? That you've been shopping there for a long time just means that you've been giving them your hard earned money (and they've been happy to take it). If you wanna keep doing that, suit yourself. Your body and your muscles won't be thanking you for the hard toil you've been putting them through, just to earn the cash you spend at Tar,get


FireSalamander OP wrote

I don't feel guilty about it, I would never feel guilty over stealing from a corporation. I'm just scared of getting in trouble since I still have a clean record in this country. I've given them so much money, I more than deserve a little freebie. I do fuck em over with returns all the time though, lol.


throwawayaccount wrote

They'll never care about a single incident. They'd care about a pattern. You'll be fine.


Snotboogy wrote

Targets LP is so over exaggerated its really insane at this point the urban legends and fake news stories about them. first of all its completely store by store. Some stores have pretty good LP and have people manning the cameras and LP on the sales floor and self checkout. Others have literally no LP presence. Theres a target i go to that ive been hitting about 2 or 3 times a month for about $200+ every visit for years now.