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I am moving to the UK. I am taking a two week cruise and my belongings will be in a shipping container when I arrive there. I'm selling all of my guns except my .380 Walther PPK.

My plan was to dismantel it completely and hide it all over the shipping container. Slide inside the TV. Frame inside wooden headboard for the bed. Grip inside kitchen appliances. Springs and internals inside various articles of clothing. Everything will be dunked in bleach for a week and then vacuum sealed prior to transport.

If you have any suggestions please share. If you only want to tell me the risks and consequences... save it. I'm well aware. This is illegalism after all.



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JustinJohnson wrote

Just don't bother. Here in the UK you're looking at 5 years behind bars at best if you get caught with certain types of gun e.g. handguns. The UK is a terrible place to live in anyway, and I'm saying that as someone who has lived here all my life.


TOTS4Jesus OP wrote

So you're saying it as someone who has never lived anywhere else. I've lived in 4 other countries. Including Honduras. I know what terrible is. As for the penalties, I'm well aware. Not asking for a law library study session. Looking for options.


chris2c wrote

I am curious of the street value of the guns in the uk


TOTS4Jesus OP wrote

About 20k USD for a glock 9mm. But it's not for me to sell. It's for me to always have the upper hand in every interaction. Which is worth far more to me.


theremedyman wrote (edited )

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