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So, I’ve been “borrowing” from Walmart for a while but my luck just ran out. I was leaving the other day and was apprehended by a member of “asset protection” (that’s what the b!tch said she was anyway). She attempted to escort me to the back room. When I tried to flee she blocked my entrance, I believe she put her hands on me to stop me from fleeing as well. I didn’t make a scene, just pushed her away without using much force, left my bag containing the goods at the door and made a run for it. There wasn’t anything that they could use to identify me in the purse, just the borrowed goods, about $40 total. I had my phone keys and wallet on my person. The cops weren’t called (or if they had been, they made it to the scene long after I’d left.

TL;DR version: how screwed am I? I already plan to never return to this specific location but can they still issue a warrant for my arrest, and if so would my past lifts be taken into consideration as well?



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Tecate_Coyote wrote

If you pushed her - possible battery charge. Police report would be filed. I wouldn't go to any walmart for a while. Check facebook pages to see if they posted your image looking for a samaritan to identify you.


mysecretaccoungt OP wrote

I didn’t really use force, basically tried to escape her grasp on me and then made a run for it. I’m going to check my local crime stoppers page and definitely not going to show my face at this Walmart (or any) for a while. Ty for your advice!


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Umm no, how about possible kidnapping charge for LP? She blocked someone's exit without saying she was making a citizen's arrest: that's illegal detention right there! OP had every right to push her aside to secure his right of passage. LP would have to answer for that at trial so no, a police report would NOT be filed, even if they'd identified him.


Tecate_Coyote wrote

Are you silly? Shoplifters have been shot dead by bystanders and they faced no repercussions. There are no protections.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

There's a lot you can get away with if you're not caught, but that was not our topic in this thread. LP isn't doing a drive-by shooting. LP isn't getting away from anything. Bottom line is that preventing someone from leaving is kidnapping plain and simple unless you're doing a citizen's arrest (in which case you have to SAY that to the subject you're detaining -- and you can only detain if you're calling the police).