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A friend of mine, a so called essential worker, got permanent damage after contracting covid at the workplace(retail), the bosses didnt follow the required safety regulations, because it would have harmed the income and required expense.My friend didnt die, but he suffered organ damage and now requires frequents medical checks, which also must be paid by himself since it is very hard to prove anything from that period. He thinks that after years of exploitation, also getting sick because of his idiot bosses greed, is too much. Unfortunately he needs money to pay bills and rent. So he now wants get back as much as possible while he still works there, without going to jail. What would be the best strategy to fulfill his objectives?Suggestions?



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Tecate_Coyote wrote

A malicious employee could do a lot. They know all the camera locations, the bosses vehicles, names, etc. There are usb sticks that will overload a usb port and fry the machine. A competant IT guy would be able to tell that is what happened but maybe they wouldn't hire one.

He could also defraud the company. Or embezzle.

Of course, none of this is advice. Hypothetical ramblings.