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Seriously. I’m kind of shook by how they knew. I’m not dumb about shit.

Went to self checkout and scanned one item and tossed the other item in the bag with it. (This could have triggered something in the back although it has never been an issue before today.)

When I’m walking out two people try to get me to come with them. I say no and bump them out of my way but one grabs the item I didn’t scan from my bag and I walk out of there.

I never try to hide my identity when I steal (which is every now and then) so that Walmart gots my number now. But im still perplexed on how they knew.

No more stealing for me



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Tecate_Coyote wrote

Honestly self checkout, in my opinion, is high risk low reward. The employees are there, trained to watch for stuff like that, and the intricate system of scales and cameras ensure it is difficult as well. And for what? One item? If I am to do it, I usually weigh an item as bananas and have bananas in the cart.

Walk outs are the way to go for high volume groceries. I used to do it at wholefoods. Felt very nice going home to my mom and siblings with 300$ worth of food when she had only given me 40$.

Anyways, sorry to hear that you got caught.


Whataburger OP wrote

Thanks, it has me feeling a certain way. Dare I say shame? I’d say pushing LP away is never a shining moment in a persons life lol. Got to laugh at it and be thankful it wasn’t worse

Honestly I’m annoyed because I WANT TO KNOW HOW they knew.


ukuleleclass wrote

i think walmart has upped their self check out game and now has an AI or people watching cameras focused on what’s being scanned.. not entirely sure but have heard similar anecdotes of being caught doing self check out hooligans


mysecretaccoungt wrote

The same thing happened to me (kinda) the other day minus using self check. Coming from a former self check employee I literally wasn’t getting paid enough to care and would let people get away with it…but there’s always that ONE employee who gets a thrill from catching someone lifting. I had a run in with LP not long ago except this time I’d been caught storing the goods on my person. Luckily I pushed them away (without using much force) and got away but I’m worried next time I might not be so lucky. Be careful out there.


intellectual wrote

You didnt know that the walmart self checkout has A.I. surveillance monitoring you? Why would you not conceal? Why would u do this in plain sight?