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I'm writing a book where the main character has to break into a typical house. How should he do it (break door or windows, ect.)



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Haruki wrote

You're writing a book


I'm assuming

intent to sell

sell a lot

and you manage to write the most worthless post on raddle?

Good luck.


JustinJohnson wrote

Sorry but this isn't really the place for advice on how to write a book. How about asking on Reddit or something?


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Break into a typical house for what exactly? Breaking in is automatically a felony even if you only lift a needle, so to risk that charge the reward has to be worth it. A typical house would have nothing inside worth that risk. And in untypical, wealthy people's homes, the truly valuable stuff (cash, jewelry) will be secured beyond most people's skills (high tech vaults and in unconceivable, hard to reach places). Read "The Lock Artist". Your book won't make it very far with a "typical" house, I'm afraid.


batmanrichard wrote

What's the setting? Old west? Kick in the front door after everybody's gone. Today? Nearly all nice places have a cheap wireless s1mplysafe or similar. Need to steal the code with binoculars or watch a kid punch it in or a 60 second smash and grab.

News story from my area: Guys drive around the rich parts of town til they say a nice grill and some Cubs stuff. They steal the grill then give it back two weeks later with 6 nice cubs tickets and a sorry my kid stole note. During the game they bring in a moving van and unload the place. Story was from about 15 years ago, can't base something like that today, anybody with any remotely valuable items has some kind of cheap easy web based security.


Dazey wrote

Throw a rock through the window.