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DontReadThisGoAway wrote

If you're gonna go into lifting, you gotta stay chill with a mindset that what you're doing isn't bad as society conditioned you to think. Act casual, like you own the items you're lifting. Find a place out of people's and camera's view (something like a small alley hidden by shelves) and quickly conceal, don't sweat over it, don't be paranoid. Employees are overworked and won't care if you look the part (confident / normal shopper) see other comment


ukuleleclass wrote

i wouldn’t go about being in this mindset all the time because it’s destructive to relationships you actually want but try and ignore that people can perceive you and instead go into it knowing that nobody is watching you carefully and almost everyone is doing their own thing. most employees probably don’t give a shit about someone stealing and hopefully your ethics are strong enough to where lifting from a corporation just feels like walking to your fridge and getting something that’s yours because it should be. obviously don’t be arrogant and still have that sense for being followed by LP but it’s always a balance. try going to a store with a friend and concealing something while y’all are talking and shopping to build confidence. i’ve gone into stores with friends and lifted something and even my friends didn’t notice because were talking and having a good time or whatever. hopefully that helps.


fucktheusa wrote

It just takes a little bit of experience. Your first few times, you'll get a huge adrenaline rush, and that might make you feel uncomfortable. We've all been there. After a few successful lifts, it starts to feel routine.

Don't get greedy. If you get a really bad feeling or have a suspicion that they might be onto you, don't ignore it. Dump whatever you took and leave. It's better to come back tomorrow than to risk leaving in handcuffs or getting some of kind of a more serious charge because you bumped an LP trying to get away.

But don't overthink it, either. Do your homework beforehand on LP policies, and you can shoplift with confidence. Remember that as long as you haven't passed the point of sale, you haven't done anything "wrong" yet. Remember that LP is after serious, organized shoplifting crews and that they really don't give a shit about you unless you're low-hanging fruit. Know your rights and the local laws. Know what LP is and isn't allowed to get away with according to store policy.

Pretty soon, it'll feel routine and even boring, no different from regular shopping, unless you're the type of person who gets addicted to the adrenaline rush. Some people love that, but I've personally never understood it. I just steal what I need, only make safe plays, and then GTFO.


Liftymcgruer01 wrote

Remember!!! If your thinking long Your thinking wrong Don’t go in half ass you’ll spook easily and find every reason to stall That’s when people start to notice you “hanging around “ I’d it’s a green light then do it and get Stay below the radar