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batmanrichard wrote

When my dewalt broke last year under warranty there was a $50 fee to repair it. Warranty sucks. So I bought a new dewalt, threw my broke one in the new case and returned it.


DontReadThisGoAway wrote

No proof of purchase = no warranty... but do you really need that warranty? If anything ever breaks on the tool it will probs be your fault and won't quality for a refund. You can just borrow another one ;)


JustinJohnson wrote

Don't bother. What if the manufacturer finds out that you stole it and grasses you up? Unlikely but doesn't mean that it can't still happen. Just don't do it.


chris2c OP wrote

Good thing Milwaukee doesnt require proof of purchase....doudt they will break though lol


Liftymcgruer01 wrote (edited )

Milwaukee gang!!!!!! Lol Throw that other thing in trash and get some real tools.
JK But not really