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Boy did i have a good time this past week. Altogether lifted about $3000 worth of high quality clothes From different stores. So let's begin. So the first stuff I got was all from Macy's 4 sweaters all polo north face and Lacoste. Not too proud of these lifts because of how easy it was. Went in fitting room detagged concealed and casually walk out. This next one is the one that tested my limits and I'm really proud of it. Nordstrom rack. Checked the live google thing and it was super busy Sunday so I decided I'd go for it. I knew exactly what I wanted and where it'd be (major tip) because I'd scoped out the store before and tested if they count fitting room items and they don't thankfully. I go over to the rack where all the really expensive designer is and see a nice velvet Gucci jacket with an original price of over $2000. I placed it over my arm then picked a pair of pants to make it seem like I was putting an outfit together. Go to the fitting room and pray the worker doesn't count what I have, she doesn't. I brought a drawstring bag that had old clothes I didn't want, switched the jacket with my old hoodie and built up the courage to start walking out. Here's the risky scary part. Whatever tag was on this thing was damn near cia level nothing I've ever seen before had no choice but to chance it and keep it on the jacket until I figured out how to disable it. Thought I would be arrested before I even got to the door but nonetheless I stayed calm and walked confidently out the store. As I walk the out the door the alarm goes off and My heart sinks but as soon as I realize Im not in handcuffs adrenaline kicks in and I move my ass to the train. This was even scarier. It seemed the tag had a sensor that connected to these devices that were on all the buildings around me it made all of them beep and I was going insane for a second thinking I'd be surrounded by police but after a few minutes the beeping stopped and I figured I was good. Got home and tried messing with it ended up having to burn and cut the wire with regular scissors which was taxing but easier then I thought. Then even after I cut it it beeped again and I realized it must of been some sort of tracking device and I disposed of it in the ocean. The tag had no noticable branding tried looking everywhere online but yeah. All in all great week. Also there was a funny one at neiman Marcus I picked some clothes and had a sales associate taking my Clothes to the fitting room and counting them no tags on anything stuffed a $200 ksubi shirt in my bag. He goes to check and says sit there was 6 items here where's the shirt and I just say idk want me to help you find it? Then he says ok he's had enough and goes to call security or police I keep close to him and act like we're talking regularly so no one else gets alarmed then I slowly make My way to the exit and reach the door. He follows me but there's nothing he can do he's yelling YOU STOLE! and I'm just walking quiet cool as hell to the train. That's all for now. Edit: it was a 3 alarm, can they really be removed by s3 handkey and it won't beep?



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FireSalamander wrote

Please don't pollute the ocean with your criminal activities. Just kidding lol, well done.


fucktheusa wrote

Nice. Damn. No idea why you're getting downvoted.