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Hey guys, recently i’ve wanted to start shoplifting things to give to those in need. i was inspired by a post i saw somewhere where someone bought a bunch of art supplies and gave them away on reddit by choosing someone and shipping it to them. My question is, what’s the least shady way to go about this? I know if i was on the receiving end i would be very hesitant about giving away my address, and even more so if i do this many times people may start to get suspicious as to where i’m getting this stuff.



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throwawayaccount wrote

If you're genuinely worried about the consequences of shady actions, I might recommend dumpster diving.

'Dumpster diving' is also a decent plausible deniability excuse for why you have an excess of free shit to give away, depending on what it is.

Ultimately it's the receiver's call on if you seem too shady or not. What would make that kind of situation seem trustworthy to you? There you go.