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chris2c OP wrote

I am pretty sure they called before i passed the point of sale...or they had cops on standby...

It was my first time at this location....but i usually always have atleast a half a basket full or more...been doing it for alittle over 2 years like that in only a hand full of stores somtimes multiple times a week....not bragging but i am either really good at having eyes taken off me when i first enter or they don't notice i am walking out till i do or maybe thier LP is really low staffed i don't know...i have walked right past a few employees standing by a pickup fixing to load something...i am still amazed everytime i get in my car and drive away...i know people talk about case building but if HD was building a case on me they have plenty reasons to stop me a long time ago....knock on wood hope i ain't jinxing myself

In 2 years i have been approached or noticed LP following me 3 or 4 times this is the first time cops showed up in the parking lot....


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

In that case, they may have just been lucky to have a cop nearby, but for some other reason, not for you. Like I said, I can't see how there'd be enough time for the cop to get there for you if they call them after you pass last point of sale.

And if this is your first time at this store, then they clearly broke operational rules if they called the cops before you passed last register. Not suprising or unheard of but rare because even in those cases cop response times are too long to do any good. We're not talking 911 calls or armed robbery.