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So a few days ago I was doing my think at an HD that I go to often...not as often since they started having someone stand by the entrance door....

Anyways as I was kinda almost done I noticed this guy acting like employee but with no orange apron....kinda watched him a bit butt questioned who i go down the cleaning aisle i see this lady come around the corner with a radio on her hip (still no orange apron) and asked me if I need help with anything....i said no and knew right then what was going on...long story short i left the basket in an aisle and they saw me leave the Isle and the cart the first person walked by me and said "have s good day" and i said thx....but i noticed i was the only one with a mask and had just went to this same store and few days ago and walked out with no issues even walked by a few employees loading a truck....

I am not sure how the LP works in HD somtimes I swear they don't exist. I have hit this store sometimes 4 times a month for almost 2 years now so if they have been building a case they should have plenty...thousands worth to make a case....i mentioned To my gf I wonder why they made it so apparent they were onto me instead of letting me get to the door to stop me?

Also not at the same HD but i had a friend try and lift and there was one person behind him and 2 waiting outside for him....they asked for ID but he bolted...also was wearing a mask...

So masks sound good but if you are the only one in store wearing one you stuck out like a red thumb....

Also has anyone ever walked out with lumber? Thinking about making a fake reciept that looks like what they give you for an online order because it on regular paper



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batmanrichard wrote

The last part about printed online receipt, I don't know how they verify those but I will say foxit has a good pdf editor. You could buy one 2x4 and change it to 100 and alter the $ totals and so forth


chris2c OP wrote

Right i just need to find a copy of a real one...i had one a while back but it gone thrown away before i thought about it....abd just research store managers and stuff


DontReadThisGoAway wrote

Risky going to the same store so much, I guess it was a random LP being the hero when they saw you that one time, since if they were building cases why was nothing done in 2 years + why wouldn't they let you walk out. I'd stay clear of the store for a while.. And no wear a mask, covid is over, you stand out more. Try a baseball cap in hot weather.