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Hello Raddle,

I'm making this post because I'd like to give away some free information in regards to ways to make money both through retail theft and other means of corporation-targeted theft.

These four methodologies are amongst the most effective I have gathered a working and profitable understanding of, the reason I am giving them away is simply because: I am done with them.

As far as my personal ventures I've moved onto a more niche method of income that I believe suits me best, and with this passing into a new "career" I'd like to pass them onto what I believe is the current most public-facing forum for crime, and generally sound of mind.


Synopsis: You can easily acquire free food from most (if not all) massive corporate food chains. Mcdonalds, Chic fil A, Taco Bell, Panera, etc. Leaving a complaint on their public online complaint portal will more often than not have them calling the number you've left on file. After they confirm with you over phone the details of the complaint they'll mail you the redeemable coupons or send them to your email digitally.

This sounds banal to anyone making profit, however even if you're making an income you can use this to drive resources from corporations while also saving a buck on eating out.

Get creative. Try places like Olive Garden. The rule is: if it's a chain, it's too big to care.

Additional tips: This can be done once per phone number across every chain. If you need additional phone #'s consider buying a Google Voice from online sources.

If you have questions about which chains offer which or want help finding a source for GVoice find my Telegram at the end of the post.


Synopsis: This is an exploit within both USA & Foreign mail providers. In its earliest carnation it's known as the "zip code scam". However in its modern form it's a way to trick retail-level corporations into thinking they've received a package with the package never actually being under their control. The idea is you buy a $800 iphone and within two weeks you can get the full credit refunded to the amazon account in credit or card without ever having sent the iphone.

I know there are several vendors online who offer return services for a % of the amount you got back from the company. Which is why I want to release it for free.

Pulling this off requires very little effort besides anonymously mailing postal slips however it's very easy to keep this off of your own name and become very creative with it. Currently the exploit works against all areas of mail but only large corporations can't be fucked enough to check. If you attempt this with a small time person or small business they will likely be able to see what you attempted (even though they won't do anything about it).

The process itself is essentially editing a prepaid USPS / Fedex / UPS label by removing specific information as well as using photoshop.

Honestly the process for this one is too complicated and detailed to discuss over a single post, which is why I'm including my Telegram at the end of the writeup for anyone who sees this and wants to learn it for free.


Synopsis: This is the obvious one right? Nearly everyone reading this will know what this is. So I won't be touching on the really simple basics which you can easily find on the wiki here but will instead be educating solely upon the most asked questions I've seen here the past year.

Starting out: Unless you're just taking a drink for personal consumption, please stop trying to conceal shit. The current only safest method of operation is a walkout. Which is to say, take the items you need casually, look like a NORMAL customer as much you can, then at the very last moment you simply walk calmly out the exit / front door.

Loss prevention does not know if you're a thief until the very moment you decide to leave. If you try to conceal something and they see you doing some nonsense you're now giving them time to prepare men or resource against you.

Don't detag in store.

Don't let the little beeping tower scare you.

Just grab it and walk out.

Put the product concealed in a bag so you're not carrying a large spiderwrapped electronic.

  • How do I know what products to take for resell?

I see this to be the most asked and least answered question because nobody wants their product to get burnt. So I'll instead be teaching you how to think in a way that allows you to easily figure this out for yourself.

  • How can I sell online?

This is a simple one. The best current marketplaces may change with time but the tactics will remain the same. Currently eBay and Amazon are among the kings of online retail.

eBay specifically has a unique function that allows you to search any object and then see how many items were "Sold" and when.

Walk into your local chains, best buy, lowes, wherever. Search up easily accessible items within the store not locked up, see if they sell within a week on eBay. If it does, you have a hit! And you now know what product specifically to come back for. Allowing you to have a clear idea of what you'll be going after when the time comes.

  • How can I sell locally?

This is another very unanswered question I've seen asked very often. Which is why I'm providing two completely seperate ways to grab in-cash profit for your local area.

The first and easiest way is to find a fence, and while I'm sure this seems like a daunting task: it really isn't.

Fences these days operate small time business and like any small time business they need to advertise.

Check classifieds online such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist (under the "wanted" section), or whatever new ones may pop up for posts offering to buy iphones. This will easily find you one, or two people buying electronics. Some fences will buy only apple products, others will buy anything of value. It's up to you to scour your local listings.

!!! ATTENTION TO ASPIRING BUSINESSMEN !!!: Take advantage of this information "unknowingly". Thieves have product that often can't be traced back to the retail crime (unless serialized, and even then unless you're a pawn shop) and need more fences to sell to! If you're looking for an easy way to make lots of legal money with your wealth, consider creating postings on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace / Social Media in general offering to buy mostly anything of value. It's so very easy to turn a profit simply selling on eBay, the margins can get really up there when you're buying a product at 60% of it's value and flipping it for 85% or more.

The second way to see what's selling local is also a simple one.

Go to various local retail chains, and when you see a product you think is valuable or could sell within a week then make a note of it.

Later once you've gathered an entire swath of items, list every single one on Facebook Marketplace as if you own them. Take note of who says they're interested, and how fast you get responses.

Do this successfully enough and you now have an exact measure of what retail items will sell locally for quick cash and which won't.

  • What are the best stores to go for?

People divide things up by chains to which I feel is ineffective. Yes, you should avoid Target and stores with "hands on" policies. However beyond that there are unique things that make a store more viable than others, to which I will explain.

The Layout: Some stores are almost designed to be stolen from. The exit in an opposite spot the opposite of the checkouts, no guards, etc. However some stores are very much designed to prevent it. Keep in mental note against stores that often have people immediately nearby the exits. While the no touch policy keeps you safe, employees are known to be stupid enough to risk their life for merchandise on occasion. All it takes is one cowboy to ruin your day, so don't let a cowboy exist to begin with.

The Employee Count: I've seen microcenters packed with people. And I've also seen microcenters with two employees behind the register. This so very heavily relies on a variety of factors that are nearly impossible to perfectly predict or calculate. Simply something that must be gained from scouting a store and taking notes. However this is one of the most critical factors in whether or not you should perform a walkout.

Follow these principles and you should be fine doing whatever walkout necessary.

  • Retail theft.....& Beyond

This topic is more for people who are willing to do more. I won't name names, but in my city I managed to get into the local news anonymously several times because I asked a electronics employee for a very high end electronic behind lockup and then yanked it from their hands while running out the door.

I made a quick $1500+ those days in cash.

I did this after learning just how far the no touch policy extends, to the limits that it will.

Make no mistake however this was a felony.

Smash and Grabs are also currently a very effective way of getting to large quantities of merchandise behind lockup.

These might not be for you, but understand that the current climate of things have never been more docile for corporate employees. There's very little these people can do against you. And make sure they don't try to begin with, if you can help it.

Moreso food for thought but take such ideas into consideration if you truly need the money. It is possible to get away with easily so long as you have the bravery.

  • Avoiding police, and current law enforcement tactics

Lastly I'd like to touch on the current ways police are catching us folks from both the good to the ugly. And how we can minimize our risk as much as possible.

You should know that there has been a shift in america over the past few years for theft. Retail used to be the retailers problem only, this has changed in a very weird yet dystopian way.

In nearly all the major cities retail stores are allowed to hire Off-Duty (yet active) policemen to stand guard at their premises provided that they pay the officer his overtime rate for regular police work.

What do this mean? Is theft dead?


From what I can tell this is mostly for dowtown and high loss stores or high violence stores. I don't think there's enough of a policeforce to even cover every store these days if they wanted to. And while I do expect this trend to continue for richer folks I don't see it happening absolutely everywhere.

This does mean however that if you try to walkout with goods and a cop is next to you that he very well could go after you. So don't hit those stores.

If they care enough to hire that kind of security, they potentially care enough to stop you.


Synopsis: A type of theft a good portion of you are already aware of, the idea of the "did not arrive" (or DNA, for short) is to order something from a company and simply claim that it never arrived in the mail. Upon receiving this claim they will refund you your initial money meanwhile you're able to safely keep the item you ordered.

This method is mostly used against Amazon (which is great) however I'd like to shed some light on Amazon's tactics as well as even higher use ranges for this method.

Firstly, you should know that Amazon is VERY aware of this practice by now. This is not to say it's not profitable, however if you order and try to refund three ipads you're in for a bad time. The algorithm currently in place doesn't even appreciate you ordering two of the same type of item for refund, which means you need to be unique in the items you order for resell as they can't repeat while spacing them out between regular normal orders.

Ironically enough this type of theft is well supplied by the skill mentioned in retail theft with regards to finding specific items and products to sell. If you can find off-brand off-key expensive-"ish" products then you have a goldmine of a list.

From what I've seen the current limit cap to Amazon is $400, expect this number to decrease as the years go on however as it already has been.

This method is also freely applied to DoorDash, Instacart, UberEats, any service that delivers you something.

Additional tip for Amazon + others: Normalize the excuse of the "empty box" instead of "I didn't get it" as this implies the postal man is at fault. If you tell companies you've received an empty box instead then you imply the package was delivered as the tracking shows but that it lacked contents.

Keep in mind they WILL check the weight of the package if it's above their internal allowed refund limit. If they find you've lied they'll just tell you no.

Beyond that, be reasonable. Don't do this thousands of times under your own name.

This wraps up the extent of what I know from what I'm willing to share

If you have any questions about the material or want additional help with figuring out what's been mentioned above my Telegram is @Zshions

I will not be around for the comments here, I'm only available through Telegram due to its encryption

If you feel the need to pay it back for this information then make a large sum of profit with it and tip me a fraction

Don't feel guilty about doing any of this or even going beyond

The rules have changed for survival and so we must adapt

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, because nobody else is going to

Remember that one who steals so his friends & family don't starve is more wise than one who lets them starve

Good luck and have fun, everyone. Keep yourselves alive.

                                    - Halel


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theremedyman wrote

Ty. I've been raping Amazon for years. Use Fake name to set up the acct but make sure you don't allow even a penny to be charged on the credit card number that will verify but won't work. Then call realtors to find vacant houses to use as delivery addresses. Use gift cards. Reddit has some great advice


Rjburn wrote

How does the vacant house method work? Do you physically drive to that house and pick up packages? I got banned from for too many returns and I’ve tried sending things to USPS and the vast majority of the time it gets sent back. Trying to find a workaround.


theremedyman wrote

I call a realtor posing as a prospective buyer that's paranoid about covid so they give me only vacant houses to look at and then I go to them until I find one I like


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Amazon "Did not Arrive" bla bla

Great advice but it's just like all the movies .... nothing applies to me! There's nothing I'd want to buy from Amazon.

If you have advice on how to steal gas without being manhunted on the highways or how steal my utility and internet services, talk to me. Otherwise, .... Yaaaaawwwnnn!


Photia OP wrote

I know I said that I wasn't going to pay attention to any comments or respond back to them but I felt the need to log on just to say this one thing:

You're probably the stupidest person on this entire forum and I've loathed watching you give your shit advice and tactics to others who also have no idea what they're doing.

Your comments are normally worthless and make little to no sense.

Being against scamming Amazon because..........there's nothing on Amazon "you'd want to buy"? What?

Are you or are you not a thief? Do you or do you not sell things for profit that you don't want to keep yourself?

Do you not realize that you can generate an income and then use that income to pay off utility and internet services?

What an absolute vapid statement to make. Please avoid wasting my time and the time of others by interjecting yourself where you are clearly not informing or helping in the slightest.

Your lifting advice: sucks.

Your theft advice: sucks.

Your OPSEC advice: sucks.

I've watched you post to this forum so many times only to silently disagree with you because I either know from experience or from fact that whatever noise you're spewing is wrong.

I've watched you make comments about how "carding is fake lol cause if someone had the card details theyd just do it themselves instead of selling it" not understanding how 95% of the underworld services that exist get in so much data that they can't possibly spend it all themselves and most don't even want to. It's far more profitable and sustainable to become a vendor for a product than a user.

I've even watched you tell someone that they'd be fine using the barcode scam against fucking TARGET of all places. Even when someone in the comment of that thread ( told you that it was clearly not a wise idea because duh why would it be.

You're free to reply to this with whatever you want but I only came back to make this one statement.

If you are reading this post and browsing this forum, take anything and everything this old canadian guy says with a grain of salt. Most of the things he's saying don't align with reality and he's clearly not doing things on a very deep and organized level enough to give a worthwhile opinion on much.


batmanrichard wrote

Steal utilities: cut your meter tag at the base where it meets the plastic. Turn off your house breaker. Pull the meter. Run a wire from the top of one hot side to the bottom of that same side. This has to be done energized so know your electrical stuff and have steady hands or you will be harmed. Jam the meter on, put the tag back and bend the lock wire so it rests and looks closed. meter guy never looks close. You now have a 20-40% electricity discount. Don't be the original owner so you can blame it on the previous owner if they find it. They won't though.

Steal gas: Go to the rental car facility, not the airport one. There's a pump out back. They can also be found at bigger construction yard places, usually only diesel though if that's what you want. Easy to spot, usually a tank on a 12 foot stand since it's gravity fed. I've done both of these, the diesel several times from a douschey company I used to work for. Wait until all the crews are out for the day. 8am-10am is the sweet spot, all the office people are still doing work and not looking out the window.

"There's nothing I'd want to buy from Amazon." Lie. Amazon has bluetooth headphones and cat trees and fleshlights and crocs and anything else that someone with a pulse and a credit card can ask for. Order it and DNA it


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Order it and DNA it means I have to pay for it first, and then maybe (just maybe) I see a refund who knows when. Not how I play. I take or I don't, but I don't put money forward. Not for just merchandise (it'd have to be something with much bigger reward than that).


monday wrote

Gas is making everyone life unbearable right now...

The Kolapse is near ! ( ? ) . . .