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How to communicate with the devil using ions ?

You will provide three "lead container".

You will obtain sodium chloride, potassium and calcium powders.

Put the sodium chloride powder in a container, calcium powder in a container and potassium powder in a separate container.

Connect the "bulb that gives ultraviolet light" to lead containers.

Connect the "ultraviolet light bulb" to a sound amplifier with a microphone.

Give Arabic, Persian and ancient-Hebrew commands using the microphone. Satan does not know other languages.



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I'm gonna try this! Thanks for sharing! 👿


weloo_ wrote

man what the hell are you talking about


kinshavo wrote (edited )

Amateur hour:

Without knowing the exact biographical dates, a pluto-ritual celebrated by Wolther below the depth of the earth's surface might help give hints to an unresolved and problematic relationship with his past. In August 1962 and September 1963, allegedly Wolther and his wife Andrée Mériam Wolther/Rahel tried to "bring forth the devil from Hell" in a "magnificent stalactite cave in 250 metres below the earth" with the help of burned antinom, uranium salt, thoriumoxyd, strontium and petroleum (a recepy received by Andrée Mériam in trance by "high saturnian intelligences")


Dazey wrote

What if you just want to communicate with him to tell him how goofy he actually is, and to suggest a better gig?