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Drudgehulk wrote

Haven’t successfully done this yet, but I cased one yesterday and they were keeping all of the AirPods and other small valuables under InVue locks. But they had some nice iPhone speakers and shit on the shelves. Only about half of the stock on the shelves was spider wrapped.

I could have opened the box under the bottom shelf, taken the speaker out and possibly concealed if I left very quickly. The doorman was sitting where he was supposed to, but not really paying attention.

Anyways, I looked through most of the store and then just left and nobody paid any attention to me. I felt like I was acting mildly suspicious but no LP or attention that I noticed.

The appliance section was a blind spot, seemingly, but carrying boxes of stuff over to it probably raises attention. Also, they had a desk over there with like 6-7 associates sitting around.


Whataburger wrote

I lifted from Best Buy once. Was a 100 dollar item. Walked it, grabbed the product, went to the bathroom and opened it, then left the store like 10 minutes later after browsing.