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If you're planning on lifting @ THD, it isn't that difficult at all. If you're taking small objects lean close against the walls of loot and lift something. Just be mindful of the camera placements, I'm sure they aren't fish-eye cameras; these Cameras only face 1 direction. Some cameras are also under maintenance sometimes too. So blind spots do exist. You can sort of make out which direction the camera is facing by focusing through the about 20% tint covering it. Once you have gotten your item(s) head straight to the nearest bathroom, find a open stall, make sure no one else is in there. Once the coast is clear unpackage the loot and check for any hidden tags or spider wraps etc. If there is any leftover trash throw it away in the trashcan in the bathroom, bury it underneath the paper towel sheets and toilet paper etc. Once your item is secure put it in your waistband in your underwear etc (I recommend a belt so it doesn't slip out on the move.) Now you can exit the store, or make 1 small purchase just encase if you looked suspicious. If you're worried about undercover employees ("NPC shoppers xD"); there aren't any as of my knowledge. If you're lucky at the exits of the store there are shortcuts past the RF / Magnetic field detectors; just take those easy exits, only if you're extra paranoid though! Also make sure to wear COVID face masks and hats whenever performing these unlawful acts and baggy/clunky clothing to conceal any bulk sticking out etc.

If you feel like finessing outdoor stuff go for it, no one will notice xD. Like all the chairs or plants.

1 important tip: Managers + employees park past the blue line in the parking lot (customers first.)

I can only provide 1 picture for you all to get a good understanding of inside.

==================== Home Depot: (6/10) ====================

  • Cameras: Cameras are present all over the store and are actively monitored.
  • Loss Prevention: LP may be present. They are usually ineffective at stopping shoplifters because of the massive store to cover.
  • Blind Spots: Home Depot is a very large store. Blind spots are present.
  • Tagging: Tagging only exists with source tagging by the manufacturer. Present in expensive items such as power tools and electronics.
  • Walkouts vs Conceals: Both options work, however a lot of items you may need from a Home Depot are too large to conceal on your person.




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intellectual wrote

Thanks. Also the doors themselves may have an EAS detector in them & alarm. So make sure to test them when entering first to see if the doors have them.


v28LjTQkMe OP wrote

Np! Also the actual exit/entrance doors do not have EAS detectors built in, don't worry!