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I know that if you pull DNR enough times your address will get flagged with shipping companies (not sure if FedEx does this but I know UPS and USPS will require that all mail be picked up and signed for after a certain number of DNRs occur at one address).

Could more time be bought so that your address isn't flagged by entering your neigbor's address within the same building (for example, if you live in a duplex and not an apartment complex and your address is 1908 and your neighbor's address is 1909)? Or will the address be flagged anyway because both addreses are technically the same building?



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Demona wrote

I would think a unique address would not be associated with any such flagging. I guess the only way to know for sure is to ask someone who works with those companies, but my guess is that only the one address where a problem is associated would be flagged. So a neighbor would probably work (?)