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Just a heads up first: Lying on federal mail documents can potentially get you in trouble at a federal level. Lying on international mail forms can get you in trouble in 2 countries. This advice primarily applies to US based mail.

If you do decide to ship something illegal through USPS here's some tips from my silk road days:

Use a prepaid debit card on the automated kiosk at the USPS after hours. USPS Priority (Or Priority Express) mail with tracking and NO SIGNATURE is what you want to use. You can track the package online. If it stops moving for more than a couple of business days that's usually a red flag but not always. If it stops moving for five or more days consider it gone. No signature means there should be no person contact when you get it. (This avoids a "Controlled delivery" I'll discuss later)

Don't order or send anything you can't afford to lose. If you're desperate you can do stupid things that can get you in trouble. You need to be able to write off if a package gets caught. If a package does get caught it's typically just seized and destroyed (or stolen by a USPS worker) and that's the end of it unless it's big. If you do lose a package like that don't use the same address or return address again or your next package can get red flagged automatically.

If your substance is something drug dogs can sniff then mail it earlier in the week instead of Fridays and Saturdays were stuff will be sitting around at hubs for longer after they're closed. A moving target is much less likely to encounter a K-9 sweep.

Triple check the address and make sure you don't forget something like the apartment or unit number. Look it up on Google maps and make sure it's correct not just what you were told. Double check everything.

Larger packages sometimes get x-rayed. To mask something, put it in a package with other things of similar density. For example mushrooms would work well with a wicker basket and dried flowers from a craft store. Mylar bags are great for confounding x-ray machines.

Make sure your package doesn't smell or leak. A vacuum sealer is your friend. Make sure your package is sealed up well. Don't skimp on packaging tape.

Use a fake return address, not your own name / address. This protects the sender if the package is intercepted by law enforcement.

Make sure you use a real name that is registered to receive mail at the address that you're sending to. This sounds counterproductive but trust me, you'll lose a lot less packages this way.

Instruct the person that you're mailing this to to leave the package unopened for at least 24 hours inside by the door. If law enforcement is trying to bust you they will do what's called a "controlled delivery" so if somebody dressed as a USPS person you've never seen (carriers have routes. Find out who your USPS carrier is) knocks on your door to give you the package in person by no means should you say that you were expecting it. They should act surprised / confused to be getting a package.

Now if that was an undercover law enforcement agent and they're trying to bust you they will typically come back within 24 hours after they deliver it to you. If the package is opened and you haven't contacted law enforcement you're in trouble. If the package is unopened sitting inside by the door and you tell them I don't know what this is and I didn't order anything and I was going to take it back to the post office then you are free and clear. They can't prove anything since anyone can mail anyone anything. After this shut the f****** and refuse to answer any more questions without a lawyer. The burden of proof is completely on them without other evidence since the package is unopened.

I'm long since done with my chemical shenanigans but I'm strongly against the industrial prison complex and my tax dollars being used to house people that were just trying to have some recreational fun or help someone in another state where they don't have MMJ for example.

Edit: If you are doing big stuff and / or regularly that could get the attention of a drug enforcement agency then wear gloves when handling anything. Also use a label maker for the name and return address. Handwriting and fingerprints are incriminating lines of evidence. Especially if you are mailing to yourself. There's not reasonable defense for your fingerprints being inside a package you haven't opened for example.




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__0 wrote

Lots of good points here


Dazey wrote

I haven't shared this concealment method previously. Like the user above I don't do chemicals. I live in an MJ legal state and that's good enough for me.

For everyone else, there are two magic items to consider for maximum effectiveness: Mylar bags and activated charcoal!

Drug dogs have a sensitivity 100,000 times your nose. You literally cannot just vacuum seal a package and pray. You could put your sealed package in an airtight jar with water surrounding it and a dog will most likely still smell it! We need a better defense than just air-tight seals!

That's not nearly enough.

What you can do however will make your packages a little bigger but much more well-protected.

First, seal your product in its own bag. Make sure it's a good seal. Beyond that, it really doesn't matter.

Next place the sealed product in a mylar bag. Buy Activated Charcoal pellets (the best kind are for water features, like a fountain in someone's yard). Drop a good number in the bottom.


Activated charcoal is a structure full of open atomic bonds! In other words, Millions of little carbon molecules just dying for something to stick to them, and even odors will do so! Activated Charcoal can bring someone with Tylenol Toxicity back from the brink, it can def work for us too!

Now seal your Mylar bag airtight with an iron.


I wouldn't trust this alone to a dog's nose! Remeber, it's 100,000 times stronger than our nose. Our smelly original package is leaking through its seal into that mylar and the charcoal is doing its job... but what are the odds a molecule escapes?

High enough to take another step.

The real protection is in a second layer!

Take that sealed mylar bag, put it in another mylar bag, and dump more activated charcoal inside the second bag. Seal airtight with an iron.

Put in shippingbox and mail.

Stay safe. Stay outta prison.