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GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Go to a casino and ... play against the house!

You clearly don't have the balls to lift. If you equate shoplifting with armed robbery and think they're gonna form an FBI task force just for the shit you lift from a grocery store, then clearly lifting is not for you, my intellectual friend.

Best of luck at a casino near you!


intellectual wrote

You're wrong & being obnoxious. Wrong about 2 different things. I already do lift. And 2ndly, I never said that there would be a task force at grocery stores, only possibly at chain superstores. And I didnt even say that I knew that 100%.


poobutter OP wrote

full disclosure hes not technically wrong, certain bitcoin casinos online do have "payoff" dates and times that are constantly changing. By payoff, I mean, they have to dish out or atleast offer the opportunity to dish out a certain amount of money to satisfy their income/provabably fair status. Sure you can lose 800 in a row, but at some point that thing HAS to hit.

I have lost a metric fuckton gambling (i think im at almost $260,000.00 on alone)...but in that time I have learned what dates and times to play

tower is shit now dont use those fucks.

However, they arent random, they are on a set cycle, so if you know the cycle you can bounce in, bounce out with bitcoin on a minimal investment.


unknowngangsta wrote

I would love to take in all this knowledge! How can I get ahold of you


Dazey wrote

I have those arrows tattooed on my left shoulder. I'd love to talk shop with you comrade.


Beyond wrote

Would love to get some knowledge