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I've never tried any of this myself, but here is what I know, I was told that a company called Bongo International would let u set up a PO Box in any country & then you could pay Bongo to even repackage that box & put any To & From on it, in order to cover up the origin of it. Now Bongo is apart of Fedex, so not sure if that is a good company anymore for anonymity. I also remember seeing horrid reviews about Bongo. In addition, I was told that Bongo didnt keep records/info past 48 hours, so even with a warrant, warrant would find nothing. I've learned of two new websites/companies that look really good, & "". Not sure if they require an ID to pick up the package, dont know much about them, but it looks like its basically an Uber but for people who will receive packages at their house on ur behalf? I might be wrong. A last step to do, if one wants to be completely untraceable is to have that person do a dead drop, & you pick up the package at the dead drop location, or you have a drone pick it up. I would like tips, advice, improvements on what I've said if anyone would like to comment. -Thanks.



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granite wrote is legit. Never used and Bongo employees some shaddy characters which is why packages probably go missing all the time. Lucky for them thieves that shit wasn't raw carfent lol.