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atusim wrote

cyanide powder is commonly used by those who are in the gold business..

There's other ways to ending it quickly....Jumping from a high rise building... or jumping in front of a train... or jumping from a bridge into a river (not for me)...

Lot's of ppl have switched themselves off using the above 3 methods...


intellectual wrote

I bought cyanide one time. What happened to u? how badly injured?


Loots wrote

There's a painless method involving helium and an oxygen mask.


atusim wrote (edited )

Also 20 feet is a recoverable fall....I think... since you're ready to victimize yourself.....have u thought of victimizing someone else & help yourself... I was also at a stage of offing myself about 3 to 4 years ago.... but after a lot of research, my new motto is:
homic__de over suic__de that is I would rather k_ill someone else for gain, than k_ill myself...


dontmakemethinkofaname wrote

The fuck is wrong with you?


atusim wrote (edited )

Allz I'm tryn say is: if life & ppl have treated u so harshly that you're thinking of killing urself... maybe it's time for a that maybe you need to become harsh urself in order to survive...

look at s.america...after finding out that nobody really helps in poverty, they started selling drugz & ruining other pplz life...for cash..