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I was looking at the state of cvs LP and the info varied wildly depending on the time it was posted

And there was little info from this year

Does anyone have a recent experience with cvs? I'm gonna scope out my local one first but I'm just curious. Especially curious with how it compares to Walgreens in terms of difficulty. (my local Walgreens is a literal free for all, half the time they don't even have anyone working the counters?)



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Commonlifter69 wrote

I lift from CVS almost exclusively at the moment for alcohol, and I can say that the ones in SoCal at least are absolute jokes. From my experience I’d argue they’re even easier than Walgreens, due to having more blind spots and no giant mirror thing in the back of the store


Ghdis837 OP wrote

Man u were right there were mad blind spots and no one at the front I thought I was going crazy

Only took a nail polish just cus I could but m coming back in a few days


Ghdis837 OP wrote

Yeahhh the lack of mirror was the thing I kept wondering about

Thank you!


TasselhoffBurrfoot wrote

CVS is more of a free for all than Walgreens, at least in the Midwest. More blind spots, less employees.


throwawayaccount wrote

Mine have those metal foil "circuit" tags on the tylenol/advil packages, batteries, etc, which I assume would go off at the gates. I wouldn't know since I peel those off.


Morninglor wrote

I was recently caught as cvs for as petty as a bottle of water and conditioner. He just came out from a door next to the coolers and told me to take the stuff out of my pants and not to come back, couldnt he be fired for that he didnt look like a manager.