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atusim wrote

go for it....the credit card dealers have transactions in the billions of dollars...they really dont care about a few thousands..

there is 1 problem in that a police report of the missing wallet may be asked by the companies...


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

And ... speaking of problems with this sort of thing, here's a REAL problem: it's becoming harder to make these "unauthorized charge" claims because now more and more banks are using two-step authentication, at least for online purchases.

For example, here in Canada, with cards from the big banks, it's not enough any more to just enter the credit card number, CVV code on the back, and expiration date in online order forms. Before the bank can authorize the charge, they'll send you a text to your phone, with a six digit code they want you to enter in the pop up window of the online form.

If your bank hasn't started doing this yet, count yourself lucky, and count the days you can still get make such claims.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

there is 1 problem in that a police report of the missing wallet may be asked by the companies..

It's not a problem at all. Go ahead and file a police report. It means absolutely nothing beyond filling out a few forms with information they have no way of verifying even if they wanted to. Trust me, I've been through that myself. I've filed a report for genuine theft of my wallet and I can tell you that cops are NOT gonna act on it. There's nothing for them to go on, for one thing, not to mention that it's so low on their priority list, they almost never bother acting for something this trivial (to them).

A report is just that, a reporting of facts, and it just gets filed away. It's not a sign the police are acting in any way, shape, or form.