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Ok so this is obvious and something you've probably been aware of for some time but all it takes is calling and asking for the manager. Tell them your wife/husband went through the drive thru an hour or whatever ago and you were shorted a couple big Macs. I say the wife bc then it's easy to say she's already home and you're still at work so you don't have a receipt. Or, just say you have a receipt and say you forgot it when you get there. Also, if you're in line with customers behind you you can act like you're looking for the receipt in your car and in less than a couple minutes they'll buckle and give it to you bc they are pressed for time. They don't want customers to have to wait



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GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

I do stuff like this all the time and pay almost nothing for fast food. Trouble is there's not a lot i'd want to eat from fast food places; their food is so junky it's not even worth it when it's free (i don't think i could put my stomach through a McD Big Mac; i don't know what's in it but I know what isnt: beef). I prefer to lift wholesome food from grocery stores (expensive fresh fruit)

That said, some of the stuff I do is walking up to the counter with a drink cup from a previous visit and tell them they gave my wife the wrong drink at the drive thru and could they make it right? They don't even make a face. It's an instant free drink.

Another thing I try is get something at the drive through, take out part of it and walk inside with the rest, telling them they missed a part of my order (showing them the receipt from drive thru).

But the most rewarding restaurant enterprise is to keep a receipt from some visit and use it to complete their customer experience surveys online. Give them a bad review (make up stuff like they gave u the wrong pieces or the stuff was stale). Almost always the manager of the place contacts you by email or phone (whichever u provide in the survey) with coupons or gift cards for free combo meals.